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Welcome To Dedridge Medical Group

Dr Pepper, Dr MacColl, Dr Smith, Dr Hanna,

Dr Phillips, Dr Taylor & Dr Greene

Child's drawing of Scotland and medical staff and items such as stethoscopes

Illustration: The practice would like to extend a special thanks to
Miss Amy McGarry (age 14) who designed the image above.

Nigel Rise, Dedridge, Livingston EH54 6QQ
Tel: 01506 414586


This website tells you about the practice and the services we offer.

The practice was established in 1976 with one general practitioner. By 1982, the practice had grown to four general practitioners with approximately 6,000 patients and moved into the purpose-built health centre we are in today. The practice currently has eight partners, one salaried General Practitioner and one GP Registrar. Our practice population is around 10,500.

The doctors practise together as a non-limited partnership.

We support AquAid water coolers.  Helping 6 million people get access to clean drinking water through Christian Aid and The Africa Trust

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