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A mobile testing centre in Livingston - for those who don’t have covid-19 symptoms – will open on Monday 22 March.

The site is located at Carmondean Community Centre and is operated by the Scottish Ambulance Service. Residents who not have covid-19 symptoms can book a test.

All tests must be booked in advance at with the centre open from 9.30am to 4.30pm.

Appointments for the following day will be available from 6pm the evening before.

Please make sure you turn up on time for your appointment, rather than early or late, to ensure traffic flow can be managed.

Anyone whose test comes back positive should follow the instructions provided and take immediate action to stop the spread of the virus to others by self-isolating.

The site at Whitburn Community Centre, Manse Road will close on Sunday 21 March.

More details can be found on this website or by reading the FAQ below.


Q. Who can get tested at the centre?
A. Anyone living or working within the Livingston area who does not have covid-19 symptoms can book a test.

Q. How do I book an appointment?
A. Please visit to book. Appointments for the following day will be available from 6pm the evening before.

  • Click on the Start Now button
  • Select if you are an essential worker or not
  • Press continue on the page which lists areas where tests re available
  • Select if you have symptoms or not
  • Select if you have been asked to get a follow up test
  • Choose No when asked if you are part of a pilot
  • Choose the option “my local council or health protection team has asked me to get a test”
  • Complete all other details and choose test slot

Q. Can I turn up and get tested without an appointment?
A. To manage traffic and ensure safety for everyone, please book an appointment in advance

Q. How do I get to Carmondean Community Centre?
A. Carmondean Community Centre is located at Nether Dechmont, Deans, Livingston EH54 8AX

Q. Is transport available to get me there?
A. Sorry, residents need to make their own way to the testing centre as transport is not available

Q. What does the test involve?
A. Sample swabs are taken from the nose and throat, and sent off for testing

Q. I have received my vaccination. Can/should I still be tested?
A. Yes. People who have received their vaccination should still book an appointment to be tested

Q. When will I get my results back?
A. Most people get their result the next day, but it may take up to three days. If you do not have your result by day six call 0300 303 2713

Q. Do I need to do anything if my test is positive?
A. Yes, please self-isolate immediately and follow the advice provided to prevent the spread of virus

Q. I need help to self-isolate. Who can I contact?
A. Please call the council on 01506 280000 in the first instance.

Q. Do I need to do anything if my test is negative?
A. No further action is required.


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