Making Contact With Other Healthcare Professionals

When trying to contact any of the other professionals within Dedridge Health Centre please use the same telephone number - 414586, unless otherwise stated. It may be that the person you are trying to contact is not available; in this case, a message can be taken and passed on to them on their return. They will normally respond within 24 hours.

Addiction Clinic

This is for patients suffering from drug misuse problems. Your GP will give you details of the clinic if required.

Antenatal Clinics

Appointments for these clinics are organised and given to you by the community midwife. Midwife appointments will be printed in your obstetric handheld notes. Further information on when you will be seen in the course of your pregnancy will be issued to you at your midwife booking appointment. Your General Practitioner will see you for an antenatal appointment in the last three months of pregnancy.


Patients aged 75 or over may request an additional assessment.

Asthma Clinics

These are run by the practice nurse and a GP. You can make an appointment for this clinic at reception.

Baby Massage

Contact the health visiting team for details.

Cervical Smears

These can be undertaken by the practice nurse or your own GP. We recommend that women between the ages of 20 and 60 (who have ever been sexually active) have a smear carried out every three years. Reminder letters will be sent when your next test is due and you should contact the receptionist to make an appointment.

Child Health/Baby Clinics

Wednesday 9.30am - 11.00am in Murieston Health Centre; Friday 9.30am - 11.30am in Dedridge Health Centre.

Children's Assessment

Your baby will have an assessment at six weeks, a walking assessment at 15-18 months and a development review at 27 months. If you have any concerns about your child’s development, please contact your health visitor.

Children's Immunisation Clinics

These are held weekly by the health visiting team. Your appointments will be sent out automatically, but if you do not receive them please contact the clerical officer for immunisation clinics.

Chiropody Treatment

This is provided within the health centre for all patients regardless of age. Please contact community reception for an application form. This must be completed before an appointment can be arranged.

Contraceptive Services - Long Acting Reversible Contraception

In addition to the contraceptive injection, the practice offers contraceptive implant and coil fitting and removal. The implant can be fitted by Dr Pepper or Dr Little. The coil (of which there are two main types) can be fitted by Dr Little. Both these methods require an initial counselling appointment with the relevant GP (10 minute appointment for the implant and 20 minute appointment for the coil). Additionally, the Mirena Intrauterine System can be fitted to help with heavy periods or as part of Hormone Replacement Therapy.

Couple Counselling Services

Available by a member of the Lothian Couple Counselling Service, an appointment can be made by telephoning Lothian Couple Counselling, 9A Dundas Street, Edinburgh. Telephone 0131 556 1527.

Dental Services

There is a dental practice here in this building although it is quite separate from the GP services. You can contact the dentist by calling 411811. For Community Dental Services for Children please phone 462148.

Family Planning Services

These are available from your GP, and information and advice can be obtained from the practice nurses. In addition to this the family planning and well woman service provided by Dean Terrace can be contacted for an appointment in a local health centre. Telephone 0131 536 1070. They now also offer a 'drop-in' service based at Howden Health Centre (just in front of St John's Hospital) Tuesday 4.00pm and Friday 8.30am.

Minor Surgery

We have a regular clinic where small surgical procedures can be carried out.

Parenting Classes

Classes are run by the midwife here in the health centre. The midwife will give you a list of dates/times when the classes are on within the last three months of your due date of delivery. An open invite is given for pregnant woman and their birth partner to attend these sessions without prior booking. The two-hour sessions run for four weekly blocks covering topics such as normal birth, alternative deliveries, pain relief, feeding baby, coming home with baby and aspects of baby care.

Physiotherapy Services

Referral to physiotherapy is currently through your GP or by self referral and triage through telephoning the NHS Musculosketal Service on 0845 604 0001. Information can also be found at The service provides assessment, diagnosis and treatment or referral to another appropriate service. As part of your treatment programme you may have to attend the physiotherapy department at St John’s Hospital or another local Health Centre.

Postnatal Support Group

You will receive an invitation once your baby is born.

Pregnancy Testing

This can be arranged if your period is more than two weeks late and you think you might be pregnant. You can either see your doctor or ask reception for a urine container and give her the date of your last period. You must hand your specimen in before 11.30am or 3.30pm and phone in the usual way for the result.

For positive results, you can self refer to midwifery services by calling the Central Booking Office on 0131 536 2009, alternatively, you can make an appointment to see your GP.

Speech Therapy Services

Advice, assessment, diagnosis and treatment for children who have speech, language, communication and/or feeding and swallowing difficulties. Please contact the Speech and Language Therapist at the health centre. For adults, please contact the department at St John’s Hospital on 523000 extension 54191.

Weaning Information Sessions

Held monthly by the nursery nurse.

Other specialist services provided by the practice include services to nursing and care homes, anti-coagulation, lithium and rheumatology monitoring.

In addition to these, the following specialised services are also available at the health centre: clinical psychology (child and adult) and community psychiatric nurse.

Referral is made by your General Practitioner if required.

Non-GMS Services

Some non-GMS services you will have to pay for:

Blood Test (variable per test)   £20.00 + specific rate for test
Employers Report     £104
Exemption Exam Letters/Absence Letters   £20.00
Exemption Community Service Letters   £20.00
Holiday Cancellation Claims Insurance Company Letters   £30.00
Holiday Cancellation Claims Letters to Patients   £20.00
Insurance Form (If requested by patient)   £20.00
Medical Examination HGV / PSV / Letters   £127.00
Medical Report Form   £104.00
Patients requesting copies of notes    50p per sheet
Private Consultations 10 Minute Surgery Consultation   £40.00
Private Consultations House Visit   £100.00
Private Consultations 10 Minute Nurse Consultation   £20.00
Private Sick Line   £29.00
Private Interpreter Per 10 Minute Consultation   £25.00


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