Out Of Hours

Out-Of-Hours Service

In line with many other areas of the country, cover for patients registered with the practice during evenings and weekends is provided by NHS 24.

How To Use The Service

If you require the services of a doctor in the evenings or at weekends, you should telephone 111. By calling this number you will be able to speak directly to a doctor or have a doctor return your call as soon as possible. Your call will be dealt with in one of three ways:

1. Where appropriate, a doctor or nurse will give you advice over the telephone on how to deal with the problem.

2. You may be asked to attend the Primary Care Centre at OPD2 at St John's Hospital (next to A&E). There your problem will be dealt with by a doctor in well-equipped premises.

3. If you are too ill to attend the Primary Care Centre, a doctor will carry out a house call.

The provision of out-of-hours care ('Unscheduled Care') is now the responsibility of the primary care organisation and this information is subject to change. Any further updates will be notified by way of notices in the health centre and information leaflets.


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