West Lothian Community Wellbeing Hubs

“Helping you live the life you choose”

What are the Community Wellbeing Hubs?

We know that sometimes life’s challenges can affect people’s mental health. 

The West Lothian Community Wellbeing Hubs are an NHS service for people with common mental health difficulties such as anxiety, depression, low confidence and stress.

The Hubs have a skilled team of NHS therapists, who work in partnership with a team of Community Link Workers, employed by Lanarkshire Association for Mental Health (LAMH).

Our staff are here to listen and provide relevant support and/or therapies to help you make progress towards feeling better. The service does not prescribe any medication, but instead offers a holistic approach.

Who can access the Hubs Service?

The Hubs are for patients:

  • registered with West Lothian GP practices
  • aged 18 to 64 inclusive
  • struggling with mild to moderate mental health symptoms
  • who require some additional emotional and/or practical support to improve their wellbeing

If you feel like you would benefit from the support of the hub you must contact your GP practice. Once signposted by the practice, you must call the hub directly, this call cannot be made on someone else’s behalf. 

What will happen when I call the Hub?

When you first call, you will call and speak to our reception team who will register you with the service. You will then be called by a Community Link Worker who will complete a 30-40 minute assessment. This assessment will cover a number of areas that may be causing you problems or impacting your mental health and wellbeing. 

Your Community Link Worker will then help connect you with the support within or out with the hub that they believe you will benefit from the most. This may include practical support, clinical therapies, self-help resources or sign-posting information. 

Our team will support you to think through what could help, work with you to choose some realistic goals and to develop a personalised plan of support.

In the Hub you will have the chance to better understand some of the reasons you feel the way you do and to build on your strategies to cope with these feelings. You might also hear about new ideas and learn new skills that will empower you. We want you to be fully involved in all of the decisions and in working out what’s right for you.

What sort of services are available?

  • Help to access services to deal with some of your practical problems e.g. Money advice, housing, bereavement, relationship issues, etc
  • Emotional support to help you identify and move towards goals that matter to you
  • Access to stress relieving sessions such as yoga and mindfulness
  • Individual and group therapies to help you overcome a range of problems such as low mood, anxiety, stress or lack of confidence
  • Support to access guided self-help and online self-help
  • Help to plan for the future once you leave the service by connecting with things that are of interest to you such as leisure and social activities, volunteering or getting back to work

How long will I attend the Hub for?

The services you receive will be matched to your needs following your assessment. Support will be short term and will vary depending upon your needs. The service you get will be personalised to what you need.

If we think you would benefit from a different type of service or more intensive help, we will talk to you about this and can arrange an onwards referral. 

What can I expect after leaving the Hub? 

We hope that attending the Hub will improve your wellbeing so that you feel better about day-to-day life and are more able to cope with life’s challenges.

Protecting your confidentiality

NHS Lothian will create a record that you attended the Wellbeing Hub Service. The record is only accessible by professionals who have been approved and have received the appropriate training to handle confidential information. 

Where we plan to refer you to a service outside the NHS, we will ask for your consent first, and information such as name, address, contact details and age will be shared. Your medical record will not be shared with anyone outside the service.  We will share a summary of the Hub’s input with your GP at the end of the service so that they can con-tinue to support you moving forward.

Boghall Community Wellbeing Hub
Elizabeth Drive
EH48 1SJ  
Phone: 01506 652267

Livingston Community Wellbeing Hub
The Residencies
St John’s Hospital
EH54 6PP
Phone: 01506 524408

Hubs Opening Times :

The Hubs are open Monday to Friday from 9:00am til 5:00pm with new patient registration sessions available between 9am and 4pm.

Attendance Agreement

The Community Wellbeing Hub offer a blended approach to support either by telephone or video call. We understand life circumstances can mean it can be difficult to always attend planned appointments. 

Appointments can last up to an hour (groups may be slight longer) and you will benefit from a space that is private and without distraction. To make the most of your support we recommend you consider the following:

  • The convenience of technology means it is tempting to squeeze your appointment into your busy schedule. Allow yourself the time to make the most of the support avail-able.
  • Please make sure you have a space that is private and free from distractions.
  • Expect interactions over the phone/video platform to be slightly different but please give it time to settle into it.


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